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Frequency Response
Definition: Frequency Response is the range of frequencies that are reproduced by a given speker or audio system.

Explanation: The RATS frequency response graph is generated using Pink Noise and represents the range where subwoofers reproduce low frequency bass. The horizontal scale represents the frequency being produced. The vertical scale represents the amplitude or "loudness" for that particular frequency.

What To Look For: In a perfect world, you would want a completely flat frequency response. However, in the real world, this type of response lacks "emphasis". For "smooth" bass, look for a flatter frequency response. If you prefer more "boomy" bass, look for a response having gain in the hard-hitting bass region.
RED = Frequency response of the vented enclosure in the automobile.
BLUE = Frequency response of the sealed enclosure in the automobile.
GREEN = Frequency response of the OEM (Factory Installed) system.
BLUE Shaded = Frequencies where most Low Frequency Bass occurs.
RED Shaded = Frequencies where most Hard Hitting Bass occurs.
BLUE/RED Shaded = The best combination of both Low Frequency & Hard Hitting Bass.
Musical instruments that correspond to frequencies and keys on a piano.
• Written and Illustrated by Eric Russell.